Looking for a Pascal-based Tesla Benchmark
Does anyone out there have benchmark speeds for a NVIDIA P40 or another Pascal-based Tesla card?

Latest Tesla benchmarks I could find on here were for Kepler-based cards.

Yes, I know the Teslas aren't the right card for cracking. Need numbers to convince some managers that getting a Tesla-based box from one of the big name OEM vendors isn't the best use of money...
It's hard to find benchmarks for those cards precisely because nobody even bothers buying them for hashcat. Here is a benchmark for P400, I have no idea how it compares to a P40 though: https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-6471-po...l#pid36220

Maybe your managers are more inclined to buy the right cards if you just refer them to the correct box vendor Wink https://sagitta.pw/ sells boxes with enterprise grade support and everything.
The P40 is based on the Titan X which has a similar performance to A GTX1080Ti. You can read it from the GPU facts (number of cores and GHz). But I know the problem, it's hard to understand for some that three times the money isn't any better. Well, at least not for that purpose (hashcracking).
Flomac is correct, they are comparable to the GeForce cards of the same core count, though typically a bit slower due to the more "stable"(read: slow) clock speeds that are set on Tesla cards.
Thanks to all for the feedback. My take-away will be they have GTX 1080Ti-ish speeds, less a bit for the lower clock. 

@undeath - It's like you're reading my mind Wink