What to look when buy a computer for HASHCAT
What i should look up, i am going to start in a job for 1 year to know, in some month ill have a available budget off 4500/5000$ for sure i dont want to spend everything but i can. I will use the computer for mostly everything, editing/gaming and more things. But i want to put like main goal to achieve a nice score in hashcat pw/s for decrypting at nice performance, so i have not to pay montly a Dedicated server like now.

Thanks Smile
I personally recommend:

* One CPU core per GPU (needed for some attacks)
* Minimum x4 PCI-E bandwidth (needed for some tools/attacks)
* GTX 1080s (nice balance of power/thermal performance)
* 32GB of RAM or more (good for working with large wordlists)

Sounds like you're looking to do a workstation, so maybe 1080 Tis would be better for your use case (for density).

P.S. Please don't use 'dehash' - it implies that hashes can be reversed, which they can't (by design).

Good luck with the build!