oclHashcat-plus v0.06 - add support for md5($pass.$salt)
Hi, dear Atom! Please tell me, will be in the next version of oclHashcat-plus, add algorithm -m 1 "md5($pass.$salt)" ?
Best regards, splitter.
no, its not planed, sorry.
(11-30-2011, 05:06 PM)atom Wrote: no, its not planed, sorry.
Oh. I was thinking that all the algos supported by oclhashcat would be ported in the new oclhashcat-plus version. I know it's more work for you but do you think that instead of completely abolishing oclhashcat, you could just remove the algo ported to the -plus and keep the others with an epurated version of oclhashcat and provide some support for those?
my plan is to get rid of all the generic algorithms like md5($pass.$salt), sha1($pass.$sal), etc. i do know they are very flexible, but they are also very confusing, especially for the new users, because of their limitations. instead of them there will be specific support, for example: joomla, which uses md5($pass.$salt).
Could this be alleviated instead by a documentation change?
for instance:

md5($pass.$salt): Joomla vX1 to vY1+, App2 vX2 to vY2+, App3 vX3 to vY3+. This is a single md5 hash of the password and salt concatenated together (in that order). The hash file format must be: xxxxSyyyy, where xxxx is the 0 to N character password in (ASCII/HEX/etc), S is a <symbol>, and yyyy is the 0 to N character salt in in (ASCII/HEX/etc) format.

Alternately, specify the apps first, and put the generic explanation last.
if you want to crack a hash you should at least know of which algorithm it is. is that so difficult?