kwprocessor on Windows - Unexpected results
This is the first time I've attempted to use kwprocessor on Windows, and it's not something I heavily use anyway, so I might be doing something wrong. However, it seems like the results are either truncated or missing completely (truncated to 0). 

The following screenshot might give a better idea. Exactly the same commands, but the one on top is using Bash on Windows to run kwp, the bottom is using kwp64.exe (same results encountered with kwp32.exe). The first command (2-to-10-max-3) returned ~40,000 rows when running under "linux", but only 511 rows on Windows. The second command (4-to-4-exhaustive) returns 1,780 rows on linux, 0 on Windows.

It seems like there's a problem here. Does anyone see something I'm doing wrong? Does anyone else have the same issues? All binaries were downloaded as of today (24 Oct, kwprocessor v1.0 -
please retry with latest beta on and if the problem still occurs, create a github issue
Tried, same results. Issue opened. Thanks!