Help with spaces and rules
Guys and Gals I´m pretty new to hashcat and this community and I´m needing some help
I´m trying to make a rule to add a plain space after a wordlist in a way i can have a word and some numbers separated by a space.
So instead of having for example the word blah01 I´m looking for blah 01
The question is pretty silly but I didn´t have any success in doing a rule to append a plain space character.
How can i do that? Since I´ve tried $" " and $  with a space after and Hashcat returns a syntax error.
Anybody can help me?

Thanks in advance.
Maybe single quotes vs double quotes? (Are you Windows?)

Here's a working example. I generate a ruleset that sounds sort of like what you're after (though I'm *appending* space and two digits):

$ mp64 '$  $?d $?d' | head
$  $0 $0
$  $0 $1
$  $0 $2
$  $0 $3
$  $0 $4
$  $0 $5
$  $0 $6
$  $0 $7
$  $0 $8
$  $0 $9

$ mp64  '$  $?d $?d' >append_space2d.rule

And here I show that ruleset in action, operating on a single-word wordlist ("blah"), piped in, and using --stdout to show the candidate passwords being generated:

$ echo blah | hashcat --stdout -r append_space2d.rule | head
blah 01
blah 02
blah 03
blah 04
blah 05
blah 06
blah 07
blah 08
blah 09
Yes Royce! Many thanks for your help, that was exactly what i was looking for! I use both windows and linux (The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali))
I'll rewrite my rules as you suggested.
Thank you!
Can you clarify me please what the "|head" does on your code? thank you.
'head' just shows the first X lines of output (the default is 10 lines). This is just to make the output shorter, and give a sample from the beginning of the output.
Thank you Royce!