Hashcat froze desktop (PC)
I'm cracking wpa/wpa2 with hashcat 4.1.0. Workload profile -w 4 was included. Always hashcat froze desktop after 10-15 hours of cracking. Hashcat freeze PC at "mjklpr42"password. Does exist any way to continue cracking from that password to "zzzzzz99" without wordlist?
Use --restore option to resume attack from last restore point. If you didn't specify a session name with your attack, it will be named hashcat

hashcat --restore or hashcat --session sessionname --restore
Thanks God, I'll try it. I found out one more way. We can apply -s or --skip option -s mjklpr42, too.
(05-15-2018, 01:11 PM)camer333 Wrote: We can apply -s or --skip option -s mjklpr42, too.
no. --skip does not accept candidates
Not accept in single hashcat, but accepts candidates in merge with maskprocessor. In maskprocessor -s means start word something like a skip...