OMG It's raining WPA creds!

Introducing: HashPass, a complete wrapper for hashcat. This project consists of a back-end API component, a front-end and some scripts to do naughty things. Database driven with an attack queue, history, loot, GPS, notifications and more! While this project was initially developed to attack wifi networks, you can use it to queue up any type of hashcat supported hash. 

Run hashpass on your cracking rig and feed it jobs remotely through the web interface or with automation using the API. Raspberry pi's (with gpsd) are great for searching for PMKIDs and sending them to hashpass along with GPS data. Set up SMS notifications so that while your driving with your Raspberry pi you can get notifications of cracked passwords. At this point you can look at the hashpass map view to see exactly where your cracked networks are and go drop off a different raspberry pi for some network recon fun.

I must thank atom and ZerBea on their amazing work with the new PMKID method. You sirs have giving me lots of entertainment!

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