Advice on Rack Chassis for RTX FE GPUs
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as we had to learn from nVidia, their FE cards will come with axial cooler solutions. We ordered 2x 2080Ti FE at my conpany, as nearly everyone here is really swearing on FE cards in general. Only exception from that I read so far was a post by GrepItAll in here 

Now the questions for us is, where to put them, because we just got a cabinet with plenty of space left. In fact, it is really hard to find a GPU rack chassis which is compatible with axial cooled GPUs and my research in the forum here also did not yield good results for me.

If there is no suitable solution, I would also consider giving back the FE and ordering 4x Asus Turbo 1080Ti but that is not my decision and also heavily depends on the performance we will see from the two FE cards.

Any tips or suggestions are appreciated.

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Nvidia RTX 20-series is an exception to the "always buy reference design" rule. You definitely do not want the FE cards for Hashcat.
Check Gray Matter v3.1 on - not cheap but you can put up to 8 cards into one chassis. It may come in handy when you choose to expand your crack station.
Thank you for the quick response.

So you would prefer any radial cooler I assume. Would be interesting to see a custom radial cooler for the FE cards, but thats just a quick thought...

Anyways, we still have the open problem of a suitable chassis. Supermicro lists most of their chassis to support passively cooled GPUs exclusively, although once again GrepItAll mentioned that at least this one should operate fine with radial cooler cards:

We are looking for something smaller, as dual socket seems pretty overkill for 4 cards at max. Still open to any suggestions...
Sorry vagantis, saw your post too late :p

The Gray Matter looks reasonable, but I am not sure how good it is to blow the hot air from the GPUs over the Board, assuming the airflow is meant to be from front to rear of the chassis. Also, I just found this one, where airflow and also separation makes more sense to me:
That Hydra looks great! I will consider it for my next build. As for Gray Matter, it is as you say - hot air blows over motherboard but I never had any problems with overheating. Fans on chassis and AC in the room do their job.