GPU recommendations
Looking at replacing a few machines. From what I see the 2080ti is the best choice currently. I can't find benchmarks for the Titan RTX, but I'm assuming the $/hashrate is significantly more than the 2080ti.

Are there particular 2080ti's that are recommended? I'm only putting 2 (maybe 3 depending on pcie availability) 2080tis in per computer, in fairly high-airflow cases. Blower style still?

Or should I be looking at a different card? Still 1080ti FE's if I can find them?
2000 series is mostly just overpriced for the performance. If you can get them for a reasonable price, get some 1080ti cards.
I think blower style is always recommended, if you put more than one card into a machine, especially if you already have an airflow, that suits blower style cards.

According to @GrepItAll (, the blower style cards of Asus seem to work well, but blower style FE cards seem to be the Holy Grail around here.

EDIT: More info about his system a few posts later: