manipulating wordlists + incriments
Hello! Day one hashcat human thing here!

So trying to get my head around mask and I understand now the brute force or -a 3 is actually a mask attack. Anyways I'm trying to test something. Say I know the winning password contains a keyword from lets say top gun.

How can I take a list of words lets say "Plane, Missle, Air" and automate trying "5545Plane" and then "plane1992" or "planeAir2" and then "90AirMissle" Would this be possible ?

Second question is about increments. if I just use -I and go ?d?d?d the increments will only be in numbers is there a code I can have it increment in with "a (Alpha Numeric) Instead

Thank you Smile
You need combinator attack : + rule (-j and -k)
Good read as well :

-I list the devices (upper i)
-i runs the incremental (lower i), use with min and max to narrow the search.