Integer overflow detected in keyspace of wordlist
大家好,我花了大约一周时间学习和学习Linux系统。我发现我的笔记本电脑不适合hashcat,所以我在台式电脑上安装了hashcat(win10)。我们还从弱通道下载了weakpass_2并将其更改为txt格式。最新的稳定版本的hashcat内核和GUI,但提示“在wordlist的键空间中检测到整数溢出:C:\ wpa-dictionary-master \ weakpass_2.txt”。我不知道我的hashcatGUI设置是否有问题,或者weakpass_2是否存在问题。谷歌翻译
Hello everyone, I spent about a week learning and learning the Linux system. I found that my laptop is not suitable for hashcat, so I deployed hashcat on my desktop computer (win10). We also downloaded weakpass_2 from the weakpass and changed it to txt format. The latest stable version of the hashcat kernel and GUI, but prompted "Integer overflow detected in keyspace of wordlist: C:\wpa-dictionary-master\weakpass_2.txt". I don't know if there is a problem with my hashcatGUI settings, or a problem with weakpass_2. Google Translate
That error means your wordlist is too large.
(04-22-2019, 12:55 AM)undeath Wrote: That error means your wordlist is too large.

So should I find a tool to split the dictionary? Still can be set in the GUI?