4 GPU system
Can I get some recommendation a 4 GPU system used for cracking passwords with hashcat?
I'm having problems finding a motherboard that supports 4x PCIE 3 x16
Depending on your budget what you are looking for, there is a solution by Supermicro:


Or if do not want to go for a server-like system and something more budget oriented, your best bet is probably a Threadripper board. They usually have 4 PCie 3.0 x16 slots, but in terms of lane distribution, AFAIK the best you can get is x16 x8 x16 x8.

It should be noted though that PCie 3.0 x8 is more than sufficient for Hashcat.
THANKS! The Threadripper advice was solid, looking at it right now...
How about this mobo?

Seems a bit outdated to me, so you will be restricted to DDR3 memory and older CPUs, but it should still work, I think.

If you also want to look at CPU performance, a Threadripper setup would give you more options, while staying at a similar price level or even below.

FYI: I do not have any personal expierience with Intel-based rigs, but only with one Threadripper rig, which works fine. Just in case you or anyone else wants to throw a "AMD fan boy" at me.