Downloaded 3.6.0 but says I’m using v4.2.1 ??
Downloaded 3.6.0 but says I’m using v4.2.1 ??

Adrian-iMac-2:hashcat-3.6.0 cadmin$ hashcat -m 11300 -a 3 test.txt ?a?a?a?a?a?a
hashcat (v4.2.1) starting...

OpenCL Platform
why do you use old versions in the first place ?

to run a command on any *nix based system (including macos and linux), you need to run it like this:

./hashcat --help

i.e. the preceding "./" means that you want to use the version within the current directory

but macOS binaries need to be compile with "make" anyways if you download the source from github (because the release versions do not have any pre-compiled macOS binaries)
Ah thank you ./ now makes sense.

I need to use the old versions because I can’t get the hash to be read. Getting an error.

Hashfile 'test.txt' on line 1 ($bitco...2bfdec75bf8******): Token length exception
No hashes loaded.

The only solution - after trying many - I’ve seen suggested this is solved by going back to 3.6.0

If there is any other way to hashcat this hash it’d be great to know! Smile
try to use the latest beta version from
(07-26-2019, 07:35 PM)philsmd Wrote: try to use the latest beta version from

Thanks I will try this. Take it I need to compile or can I install from Github? The
Zip from already contains executables.

edit: only win & linux
well, I must admit that I forgot that we talked about macOS executable here.
Therefore for macOS you need to either use the github code and compile it yourself or use the homebrew packages which aren't guaranteed to be up-to-date. therefore I would recommend using the git clone method to test the latest version