Any hashcat user with AMD cards on macOS wanted for troubleshooting
Unfortunately, the developer team has no such hardware (new Apple iMac or iMac pro or any new high-end macbook with AMD cards) to test some problems with macOS (we believe only latest version and/or new AMD driver).

We get complains about not being able to compile latest hashcat with error:
fatal error: 'inc_vendor.h' file not found
#include "inc_vendor.h"

see and other reports here:

It would be nice if we could get some help from hashcat users that have such a hardware to test and want to play around a little bit with the changes/code etc:
1. does this happen only with a specific macOS/driver version
2. when was this introduced ? already available with release versions , which commit introduced this error:
3. why does it happen ? any clue about why the file can't be found ? maybe related to some paths etc (we already have some other problems with compiler include problems with AMD/ROCm using paths with -I ).
etc etc etc

it would be great if somebody could play around a little bit with latest git code (master branch) and try also older commits or versions of hashcat to see when this was introduced and if it even has something to do with hashcat or is ... as very often .. just a driver problem.

Our current educated guess is that it is a specific new AMD include problem (using the JiT compilers -I include paths) and that this problem is related to some (new) AMD driver version etc...

Thank you very much

It is needless to say, that first you need to be able to reproduce/see this "file not found" error, otherwise you might not be able to help much... but any feedback (even saying "it works with AMD card with macOS version XYZ") could help to pinpoint it

(you could of course contact us here below, or via PM, or on #hashcat IRC, freendode etc)
i think this is not a driver issue, but a permission issue.

HC must use root permissions on the new MacOS .
Thanks for the reply. I did test with latest macOS just a few weeks ago (for lastpass app hash extraction investigation) on a mac mini and hashcat definitely did NOT have to be run as root on that system.

can you somehow test again and also compare with the git/github version versus the brew versions etc etc

I don't think that permission problems are the reason for this problem, because it definitely works with Iris GPUs etc... or are you saying only the AMD driver needs furhter permissions ? could you test with the CPU ?

more details and even showing some output of hashcat (or the driver) in your command prompt would be great... to get some further evidence here.

Thanks again, much appreciated
Both CPU and GPU have problems on my test.

I agree with that hashcat definitely did NOT have to be run as root on MacOS system.But running the hashcat may be create OpenCL kernel that may cause problems.

I think when HC create kernels that may use some OpenCL driver,that may use root permission.

brew versions has success because path has wheel permision.
Not sure if this is related but I have a new MacPro running Mas OS Catalina 10.15.6. Many of my programs/tools need to have "Full Disk Access" and "Files and Folders" enabled in order to run. (Security & Privacy settings/Privacy...then you should see an entry on the left pane for "Full DIsk Access" and one for "Files and Folders". When you click on each you will see what apps are granted access.....I was surprised to see how many require an entry here. Perhaps adding and entry for HashCat may prove helpful?