compiling a reduced wordlist .ccp
Need assistance in getting this word-list made.

I have so far ran the la.exe which makes the word-list but only in command prompt. (It would copy and paste this to text but it was outputting very slowly for me).

Installed the Windows 7 and 10 SDK and tried compiling in the command prompt it its folder to run cl command but not able to get that to work.
[url=][/url]"'cl' is not recognized as an internal or external command"

Ran "g++ la.cpp -ola" on Linux but making a small 31kb file which i couldn't put into hashcat as not a text file and not being able to open it to see content.

I'm hoping someone can either guide me how to do it or upload the custom wordlist to mega so i can download and use it in hash-cat.
some answers already given here:

Maybe it's better to just explain what you ultimate goal is ?

Does it even have to do with WPA2 hashes and passwords of the exact length of 8 characters ?

What are you trying to do with this ?

Couldn't you just pipe the output to hashcat ?
Like this:

la.exe | hashcat.exe -m 2500 -a 0 -w 3 -r rules\best64.rule my_network.hccapx
Hi thanks for your response.
I see what i was doing wrong,

I was trying to make a wordlist to use with hashcat but i have ended up with a 439 GB word list
I use la.exe > wordlist.txt

My ultimate goal is to crack a virgin-2g.hccapx
using a smaller size wordlist to complete the task quicker as normal bruteforce will take 29 days.

I tried your command above and it was giving me random lengths so will have to look into the rule set to cap it at 8 characters and ill trial and error.