Need app to open the files.
Hi Guys new to this forum.

I just tried to open the files,hashcat binaries and hashcat sources and it says"This file does not have an app assosiated with it to open for performing this action" when trying to open either of them.

Instead up getting the wrong app I figured it's easier just to ask you guys and you will know,thanks.
try "cmd.exe"

you open the command prompt cmd.exe by clicking on the start button of windows and type "c", "m", "d" and hit enter.

A black windows will appear.

with the command "cd" and the pathname e.g.
cd C:\Users\huffer\Downloads\hashcat-6.0.0\
you can enter the folder where you extracted the downloaded the hashcat binaries compressed in an .7z archive from

after that you run this:
hashcat.exe -b

hashcat is a command line application, it doesn't have a graphical user interface (GUI). hashcat is an advanced password recovery tool.
Also see

BTW: if you have already problems opening the 7-Zip file (.7z extension), you need to install 7-Zip from . The problem here is that you shouldn't really have such a hard time to start hashcat... if this is really the case, maybe it would make more sense to spent a couple of days/weeks to learn how your computer and operating system works first, before starting to mess around with such an advanced tool like hashcat.