rling (rli replacement) testing wanted
I've been working for the last couple of weeks on an RLI replacement, with the usual CynoSurePrime folks.  It has the same syntax as rli, but adds quite a few new features (including working with stdin/stdout), and being 10-20x faster.  Small files (100K lines) are processed more or less instantly.  Larger files (1,000,000,000 lines, 10gigabytes) take about 25 seconds on a moderately fast machine.

I'm looking for people to break this, prior to generate release.  Source is available as well as pre-compiled binaries for AIX, PowerPC (BE and LE), Intel, Linux, Windows and MacOSX.

Can you help?  Drop me a note.

Thank you!
Necromancing a bit to close the loop on this thread - rling was completed some time ago, and is on GitHub: