Dedicated rig for.cracking trueceypt container
I'm Monique, this is my first post, I setup an account because I haven't found am answer during reading the Hashcat wiki.
I neee to 
crack a password to Truecrypt container (version 6 probably)  that is 25+ chars long, but is created from my set of passwords in some order and maybe with some misspells.
The problem is, I used probably cascaded ciphers during the creation and exotic looking hashes like Whirlpool (I don't remember now).

I want to build an AMD rig for that (is this a right approach?)
Crack ths truecrypt container then sell the spare GPU cards and leave the rig with one gpu for gaming / virtual machines /homelab
How much money I can spend:
4k - 5k USD
1) For cracking Truecrypt hash (cascaded one) should I invest in good CPU or good GPU?
2) Is this approach will be good? Buying Ryzen9 5900x (12 cores, 24 threads) + 3 GPUs - Radeon RX 6800 XT.
3) I will be able to use this CPU and GPUs simoultanously for.truecrypt cracking? Or I should go with the cheaper CPU, because I will not use those 12 physical cores?
4) I have a gold rated 1000W PSU. 3 * RX 6800 XT (200W each) + Ryzen9 5900x (200W) = 800W. Is this will be sufficient, should I run one of the cards from another PSU?
5) I read on Hashcat wiki and forum that we need *at least* 2x RAM than GPU GDDR RAM. Is that true? 3 * 16 GPU RAM * 2 = 96 GB RAM. The X570 mobo has 4 slots, so I will need to buy 4 x 32 GB modules... should I go with slower ECC DDR4 RAM or.fadter gaming fancy non-ecc RGB RAM?
6) Is there a way to simoultanously crack the same hash on multiple GPU rigs? I know that with CPU it is possible, but is it possible with GPU?
7)(silly queation) Is there a practice to undervolt GPU cards im the hashcat community? Or people don't performance/W?
I recently cracked a TrueCrypt container that had a 12 character password. I ran the attack on a system that has 12 X 2080ti cards. I ran the attack using a dictionary and a set of rules. The attack ran for about 30 days until the dictionary was exhausted without cracking it. I then tried another dictionary which also ran for about a month with no luck. Next up I ran another dictionary with a different rules set...password cracked in 2 hours. The point I am trying to make is that no matter what hardware you have if the password you are seeking to crack is not in your dictionary/rules you will never crack it. Given your password is 25+ characters long brute forcing it is out so you are stuck with a dictionary/rules attack. If you know something about the mentioned that it was created from a set of your passwords. I would try creating a word list from your "set of passwords" that you use then running them through the Princess Process to build a large dictionary. Filter this dictionary to show only 25+ characters and run that. I am not hopeful for success with that long of a password.
Wow, congrats for.cracking your TC container!
> I would try creating a word list from your "set of passwords" that you use then running them through the Princess Process to build a large dictionary
thank @jhcameron, I know that was a mixture of passwords + maybe some misspells.
I am reading about it in
but there is no command argument for misspells. Could you please tell me how I can combine that with misspells? I know, RTFM, but can't find any meanimgful answer.
I do not know if I can help a lot, just a "few" words.

AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT is currently not released. The launch is planed for Nov. 18. Thus the performance (especially with hashcat) is unknown. And AMD specify the TDP with 300 W. For power supply one should calculate with a higher value, e.g. up to 460-500 W for one 3090 FE in gaming as result of peaks in (very) small time slots.
Thus one 1000 W PSU should not be enough for three AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT.

ECC is error-correcting code. ECC RAM is often used by server and (professional) storage systems. Using it or not in private area is more like a question of belief. Not every mainboard supports ECC with every Ryzen supporting it. For example one of my systems only support ECC with Ryzen not available in my country although AMD tells my cpu can.