Trouble finding the correct command
I know that the hash mode is SHA-512, the salt is vgk.6o3T and the hash is gPX6Sm4CNvu.4fUQi08IvBZEmO1aeemnkDWdGboK7qV54N2eVVetkIf5ifPeQcWVJ/93LByKyIraRILs02AvC0
but I cannot figure out the correct command to get hashcat to recognize the hash and salt, let alone try it against the dictionary.

I've been trying the following:
/hashcat.exe -a 0 -m 1710 hash.txt dict.txt

with dict.txt being the dictionary I want to search against and hash.txt being exactly:
but I get a token length exception every time. Does anyone know what command I should be using or if possibly hash.txt is formatted wrong?
see for the expected format. More specifically, hashcat expects hex input for that hash mode.