hashcat and maskprocessor piping ?
Hi there,

im Kinda new to password cracking but i´m trying to learn fast.
Currently i´m working on a distributing framework which should be available for many purposes. One of them should be password cracking.
I have around 60 similar machines for it - but they only have the Intel HD graphics build in and I have no chance to equip them with any.
So from what i understand i have to use hashcat and not the ocl-version.
I played around with maskprocessor to find out to brute-force speed but the drawback is that hashcat cant use a pipe to read directly from mp64. I found the "workaround" with the fifo but this reduces my cpu load to around 75% while hashcat (with -n 4 option) is using all cores at 100%. Since bruteforce takes a long time i need that 20-25% im loosing with the fifo - and therefore i´m asking here if there are any suggestions on speeding this up - or maybe and hashcat version which is capable of getting the wordlist piped in. (like mp64.bin <parameters> | hashcat-cli62.bin <parameters> hashfile [wordlist].

any ideas ?

regards, richie
there are plans to harmonize the brute-force syntax in all hashcat derivates. in other words, you will not need maskprocessor nor pipe anything into hashcat to run mask attacks with hashcat. i am still watching the demand but since you are writing a distributing framework this is a strong argument.

i will close this thread, please continue the discussion here: http://hashcat.net/forum/thread-865.html