Gui and HkPlus
Not work joomla pass in hashcat-gui > oclHashcat-plus

Length of salt in joomla is different, for example
1: e4d8b8c09c999941d3c8744b2bdfdb04:V2mH6FnnePKflSNQodZNsdMn3nlHlZau
salt=32 symol is work
d6964671b2b6bbc4645a4201fe56cfc7Big GrintJE3NG2TRPrHfBO
salt=16 symol is not work

In the second embodiment, when you try to search the dictionary, such as Straight, displays an error hash: line length exception: 49 ERROR: No hashes loaded.

Maybe add a second option?
Variable salt length for Joomla hasn't been implemented in plus yet. You can however do them one at a time in lite.