Brute force AES-256 knowing 90% of pass?
I have a file I encrypted a wile back using ssi  AES 256 , I know 90% of the pas maybe 95% lol the password is something like this  [5 numbers][word][word] is it possible to use hashcat fill the blanks or would it still take a billion years thanks for any help =)

Did you try to use ?d?d?d?d?dword1word2

If you even know which numbers could be used (if its a date) you want to use custom chars to further limit the candidats.

Good luck
I think Centurio has pretty much given you the correct info. If you know something about the 5 digits, you could narrow things down further. For example, 5 digits could be a date. Do you have any idea what format you would have used. It could be
  • a 2 digit month, 1 digit day, and 2 digit year. In which case, the first digit is either a 0 or 1 (assuming you pad your single digit months with a 0). That eliminates a good number of candidates. Use a custom mask, something like 01,?1?d?d?d?dword1word2 . If you don't pad, then it's simpler: 1?d?d?d?dword1word2
  • a 1 digit month, 2 digit day, and a 2 digit year. In this case, the first day digit can only be 0, 1, 2, or 3 (and maybe not a zero if you don't pad your days). The mask would be 0123,?d?1?d?d?dword1word2 with padding. With no padding, it is 123,?d?1?d?d?dword1word2
  • a 1 digit month, 4 digit year. In which case the first year digit is likely a 1 or 2, so the mask would be 12,?d?1?d?d?dword1word2
thanks for the replies, I think I might have put an extra character at the end of the password, I am also having issues getting the correct hash from the encrypted file I will be honest I only just started using hashcat what's the best way to extract the hash from an AES 256 encrypted file and then add it to hashcat,
been using the GUI version, but each time I add the hash it fails what hash type should I use etc sorry if I sound like a noob =)
To be sure if you got the hash correct or not, you could use the example hash and see if yours looks like that one. If yes, the problem is somewhere else. If no, then it is your extraction that is the problem.