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Full Version: Phantom BsidesLV/PasswordsCon 2023 Talk
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Probably the talk I was the most interested in seeing at BSides/PasswordsCon this year was a talk called "Follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole" by Yiannis.

Unfortunately, it was at the same time as a team building dinner and I had to skip watching it in-person, but I wasn't totally concerned because all the talks were being recorded and streamed.

Sadly though, for some reason this talk seems to be a ghost in the wind. I can see evidence that the talk happened (mcdwayne: "Learning about mode 99999 in #…" - Mastodon), but according to the BsidesLV PasswordsCon stream of that day nothing happened at that time (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDJh-CQeJJ0 - all the talks are there except this one, the final talk of the day).

I don't suppose anyone knows:
a) a place to find a recording of this talk, or even just the slides, or
b) a recording or slides of this talk from a different venue

I've looked a bit but been unsuccessful so I thought I'd ask here among the target audience. Smile
I believe it wasn't recorded - in order to avoid any overlap with his employer's interests.

I've pinged him on the side in case some kind of sanitized / stripped version of materials might be available.
Appreciate it, royce!

It sounded like a great talk and I'm bummed I missed it. Guess I'll have to tell the team too bad next time Yiannis is speaking. Smile