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Full Version: Password Construction Location?
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Hi all,

I'm trying to find where the construction of each password used to generate each guess is located in the source. I want to allow multi character insertions instead of building the password char by char. I'm aware this will likely have a detrimental effect on speed.

The whole idea is to use graphemes to construct the password and graphemes can be up to 4 characters long. Then I can use a list of graphemes as a charset.

But first step is finding where the passwords are constructed in hashcat.

It's a fair question. I can't speak to the location in the various kernels, but I can tell you that hashcat is heavily optimized to align buffers with speed / hardware, such that adding multibyte is a lot harder than it might seem - otherwise, it would have been added long ago. Big Grin
Yea, I expect it to be quite a challenge. May be out of my skillset, but worth a shot.
Ok. So it seems like it's in backend.c Or at least that's where candidate pwds are handled and modified somewhat. But yea, I'm in over my head. I was hoping it would be as easy to modify as JTR is. NOPE!