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Full Version: oclHashcat-plus64 not valid win32 app ?
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I have been using oclhashcatplus-64 v0.08 without issues on win7/64bit.
I just downloaded version 0.09 and when I try run oclHashcat-plus64.exe I get an error 'not a valid win32 application'

Had a bit of a look around.. couldnt see anyone else with the same issue.

Any one have any ideas what I can try ?

thanks =)
hmm wierd... all the other files extracted OK but with 64.exe was 0 bytes so I extracted again and all good.

user error on my end Tongue

Its working now.. but I have noticed it seems slower ? Previously speed was 34,000/s now its 30000/s
is that normal with the new version ?
Default -n and --gpu-loops were changed a bit. You may need to adjust them.