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Full Version: Support form amd 12.11 driver
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Hello to all ,

I have a laptop that comes with amd 7970M gpu , however, I have amd 12.11 driver installed since this driver brought a lot of enhancement for amd 7xxxM ( notebook series). I download latest version of ocl but the program won't run since it gave me error of clBuildProgram() -11 . searched a little bit here and found that you need to run driver 12.8 however , I can't go back to this driver version since its incomplete for our gpu series . I humbly asking support for 12.11 driver support or at least 12.10 WHQL kernel from developers.

Thanks to all developers and testers for this great program.

Notes :
1. On the website I download ocl-hashcatplus on the assumption that it will work on amd driver v12.8 or greater as its stated on website . So I would suggest to maybe correct it .

2. AMD 7970M driver is a little bit downclocked version of desktop amd 7870

3.I never ran oclhashcat on linux with 12.11 driver since this is the first driver to support amd 7970M on linux . However, the driver is not working on linux as having compatibility issues for my card.
You will have to wait for the next release.
(11-08-2012, 07:06 AM)radix Wrote: [ -> ]You will have to wait for the next release.

Do you the estimate time for releasing the newer version ? . Thanks for response
It will probably come with the new catalyst driver. So wait till amd releases their stable driver.
(11-08-2012, 11:10 PM)K9 Wrote: [ -> ]It will probably come with the new catalyt driver. So what till amd releases their stable driver.

Thank you.