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Full Version: 7x 7970 problem
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Hi, i have little problem
I just build 7 radeons rig, in windows (64bit win7) computer menager see all 7 card, but only 4 ar on, rest have !) and when run hashcat benchamrk only 4 cards used. What can i do ?
i do not know of anyone who has successfully gotten that many cards working under windows.

use linux. follow this guide: https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=linux_server_howto
I never using any linux. Can i using graphics like on windows, or only text box ?
that guide will install the openbox window manager and a terminal emulator so that you can use a graphical environment if you wish. however, you will still need to do everything from the terminal.

if you want a full desktop environment, download the full ubuntu distribution, instead of ubuntu server.
i think i will try that. thx. You thing that when i instal linux all GPUs start work normally ?
if you follow that wiki, yes.
Strange things, mayby epixopi can help, i just run ubutu from CD (for look how its looks like) wifi connection work but internet doesnt ;/ any sugestions ?
check that you supplied the extra power connector for the PCIe lanes.
Ok internet work, but when instalem amd drivers and restart system linux dosnt run, sth wrong, now intaling one more time
All is good connection (1psu 1500w-> 3GPU mobo+extra power for pcie+proc+ssd+blueray; 2psu 1500w->4gpu) now i am on linux try install all again
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