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Full Version: SAPPHIRE HD 7970 6GB Vapor-X Edition issue
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Abovesaid card goes from 48 degrees to 90 in 2 minutes while running hashcat on win 7 x64 using latest catalyst beta, while battlefield 3 can't burn it higher than 68 degrees.

I have a nice case with proper airflow, sensors on cpu and hdds don't go above 34, where to digg?
It depends. What case do you have? What is considered "proper" airflow? There is a lot of little things that can be done that might help or not:

-Remove dust from card and it's fans
-Replace thermal coumpound
-Add delta fans
-Reduce memory clock of the card
The card is brand new without any traces of dust
I have Cooler Master HAF XB (RC-902XB-KKN1) with all possible fans installed/
you'll need to leave the the side panels off to let that hot air escape quicker, like a kind of hybrid open air system, it may not be pretty and leave you system albeit, more vulnerable to accidents!

A low ambient will help so keep it away from a corner, off the floor and away from anything that generates heat, like a radiator

you gfx card is not designed for hash cracking purposes so you'll have accommodate for this, especially for dual gpu.

buy a much larger case with fans that move a lot of air or watercool it if you want to take a risk! thought its not recommended.

my 0.02$
Or simply set fan speed manually, for AMD is normal to hold @90C, so auto fans will be as silent as possible till that temperature. ~60-70% of fan speed should be able to hold your card at 60-70C.
Thanks for advice.

Locked the coolers at 60% and the core clock at 900 MHZ, that gave me the stable output of 115KH/sec on wpa cracking with heat sensor dancing around 80 degrees.

Unfortunatelly even constant cooler lock at 100% with core set to 1100 MHZ runs the card to 90 degrees in 90 seconds causing hashcat to stop.
sounds like ambient temp is too high or the airflow to the card is obstructed.
buy a reference card next time Wink