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Full Version: Gelid Icy Vision
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Hi there. I just installed a Gelid Icy Vision on my Radeon 6870.
It's something like this (I bought mine on ebay, so this may not be the exact model):

It's a replacement cooling system for AMD GPU's.

It instantly dropped the GPU temperature by 20 degrees C.
It also stopped the howling of the radeon's fan, and its fans now at a mere 28% now.
The machine is much more quiet now!

The installation requires some patience, but it's not hard, besides, there are videos on youtube.

I was able to overclock the card under fedora linux from its 900Mhz core, 900Mhz RAM to 1000Mhz core, 1050Mhz RAM.

In our terms, that meant that the WPA cracking went from 75000 to 79000..

The only drawback perhaps: The original cooling system of the card was suppose to push the hot air OUT of the case (it still heated up the inside of the case like crazy; so I guess it wasn't working too well anyway). The Icy Vision does not try to push the hot air out of the case, it just cools the card and the hot air goes wherever it wants.. The side of my case has been open since I installed this GPU anyway, so I don't care.

Oh, be aware that the card now takes another slot; as the Gelid makes the card thicker.

I'm happy Smile
Thanks for the review, helps a lot.