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Full Version: 6950 weaker than 5870
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Hi there. Im reading this forum for like 2 years but just decided to register (since i was not able to figure out 16chars pass Big Grin Big Grin) and i've some questions to ask.

Q1: I've noticed something strange and want your opinion.

NTLM 5870 cracking at ~9700 on 875/1250
6950 though cracking like 9300 !

6950 is quite better in mining performance going like 480 MH/s on scrypt and 5870 420MH/s.

Should i consider 5870 as a better choice for cracking and 6950 for mining?

Im using 14.9 Catalyst with 1.33 oclHashcat.

Q2: What hashcat should i use for the best ati drivers 11.11 for those cards and will it be a better performance on older drivers with the older hashcat?

Q3: Why the restore is no longer working on the newest hashcat? No restore file is created and every time should start from beginning.

Q4; Which distributed solution is better the old VLC Clustering or the current agent-based distribution (made by a forum guy). I Have 1 rig with 6950 and 1 with 5870.

5870 is directly comparable to a 6970, so yes, 6950 should be slower.

You cannot use Catalyst 11.11 with any version of oclHashcat. Old versions of oclHashcat are timebombed and no longer work.

Restore works. Check to make sure you have write permissions.

For distributed solution, look at Hashtopus. Though with only two GPUs there's really no reason why you can't use both GPUs in one system.
epixoip tnx and i've 6x5870 + 6x6950.
Can someone share some NTLM benchmark on 5850? Maybe it should be comparable to 6950...
5850 would be comparable to a 6950, yes.