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Full Version: 6x6950 Problem
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Hi there all. I've successfully installed 6x5870 with catalyst 14.9 for using with the latest hashcat. I do have another rig of 6x6950 which is impossible to be setup because of:
"Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" The cards are working and only 4 of them are OK. Other 2 are giving problems if i unplug 2 out of 6 the 'problemic' 2 works fine if only i add more than 4 cards 2 of them got this problem which make them with exclamation mark in the device manager.

Very important:
11.11 Catalyst runs them fine! 5870 works fine with 6x14.9 i clone the hdd to another and run the rig with that hdd in the 6950 - 2 with problems, removed the driver installed 11.11 - runs, install 14.9 - fail, 14.11 - fail 14.12 - fail.

Windows 7 x64.

I think i'll be going for a Linux soon - but i want to get it working. The problem is with the newer catalysts only.

If it cant be fixed what ver. of hashcat can i use with 11.11 catalyst drivers??
(02-25-2015, 09:07 PM)s500bg Wrote: [ -> ]If it cant be fixed what ver. of hashcat can i use with 11.11 catalyst drivers??

There is no such version
You say you clone the hdd to another rig. Is that rig of the same hardware like the one with the 5870? If not, this is a potential troublemaker. Try to dump a plain Windows system on the 6950 rig and see if everything is working.
Also removing Radeon driver requires that special tool provided by AMD. You could gain problems otherwise.
Or you "just" switch the six 6950 in the 5870 and see how they behave there Wink
One probability is also wrong BIOS settings. Epixoip mentioned something like that in on thread and it finally was the clue to the problem.