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I started off with two rules. One comes with oclHashcat - the other I wrote myself. I then compiled a
huge list of MD5 hashes from the InsidePro forums to use as my target/testing hash list.

For the base dictionary, I merged/sorted/removed dupes between the rockyou dictionary
and passwords from the recent 10 million combo leak. The final dictionary can be downloaded
here for the curious.

I ran my two rules against these hashes with this dictionary and these were the results.

passwordspro.rule (~3300 rules) - 42.52%
tony.rule (~5500 rules) - 49.44%

I outputted all rules that had a match into a file called match.rule. I then sorted
this file based on occurence and made the following rules out of it. The different sizes could
be useful if time is of essence and/or the hashing algorithm is slow. You could also obviously
head the amount of rules that you want from the top_5000.rule instead.

I done some testing on the same list, and these were the results.

no rules      - 14.67% found
best 64       - 17.71% found
top_250.rule  - 36.14% found
top_500.rule  - 39.64% found
top_750.rule  - 41.91% found
top_1500.rule - 45.76% found
top_3000.rule - 48.77% found

I realize that the rule set will be kind of biased towards this specific list since it was created
using found passwords from this list. So for further testing, I compiled a list of 1 million hashes
using random passwords from a totally separate HQ cleartext (not cracked!) password leak. These
were the results.

$ shuf ***.dic | head -n1000000 > random.dic
$ ./md5gen random.dic > random.lst

no rules      - 8.23%  found
best 64       - 31.42% found
top_250.rule  - 42.97% found
top_500.rule  - 48.16% found
top_750.rule  - 50.97% found
top_1500.rule - 55.80% found
top_3000.rule - 60.59% found

The rules can be downloaded here.
Nice work. If you want we can put it into hashcat / oclHashcat default rules/ folder.
Thank you very much TonyS and very kind of you to share your work Smile
(04-14-2015, 12:48 PM)atom Wrote: [ -> ]Nice work. If you want we can put it into hashcat / oclHashcat default rules/ folder.

Thanks! And that would be great if you want to.

(04-14-2015, 02:05 PM)Hash-IT Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you very much TonyS and very kind of you to share your work Smile

Thank you. Smile
OK, please rename the files as you want to have them in the distribution. Then pack them all together and send them to me (email).
(04-13-2015, 06:05 PM)TonyS Wrote: [ -> ]The rules can be downloaded here.

Link is dead, could anyone reupload rules, can't wait to take a look
offline ;=(
I uploaded the original zip file to my dropbox.

TonyS Top Rules
btw great results come from combi top_3000 + best64 and top3000 + specific .... found many cool plains this waay... thank you for sharing.
Anyone have the dictionary? link is dead
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