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Full Version: Forum update
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Hey Guys,

sadly we had to move from MyBB v1.6 to MyBB v1.8 because v1.6 was marked end-of-life by their developers. That means no security patches etc. I'll try to bring back the look 'n feel from v1.6 but I'm not a CSS expert so I can not guarantee any success. If anyone from you wants to help me with this please contact me.

security first , take care of public addons ;--)
hue hue hue
Forum takeover !
Look and feel is not comfortable than old stuff, I can't smell hashcat in this look&feel....
It's a lot better now than it was 12 hours ago. Xanadrel did a fantastic job!

Edit: Wait, never mind, Xanadrel just told me the changes he made aren't visible globally. So you can't see what I see right now Tongue
I've forced the new CSS and to all users Smile

Many thanks to xanadrel !
Looks fine to me, good job
Great! Forum is usable again Smile
is beta forum dead now?
There is no beta forum.