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Full Version: Another trophy in the Pocket! Win @ CMIYC contest 2015
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We're already preparing our full write-up! Once it's dont we will post it here.

There, just as a small note here: We won Crack Me If You Can 2015 @ defcon


Congrats to Team CynoSure Prime, they proofed they are a true "pro" team. Of course, congrats to Team InsidePro and Team john-users, too.

Also thanks to KoreLogic for organisation and an amazing contest. We all really loved it this year.
You guys literally dominated this one, so massive congratulations.

We gave it out best with what we had and really enjoyed it.

Looking forward to write-ups.

CynoSure Prime
Yes, unfortunately it was not tight enough to make it exciting for you guys. Great job as usual. Can't wait to read your write-up too. We did not analyze everything that went wrong yet but for sure, it was not an easy contest for us.

Oh wait just did it.
What is the "WikiTop50k" list?