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Full Version: build from old parts
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I am thinking about running this build.  It will be for 7zip hashes only(for now) running dictionary attacks.  Everything except the graphics cards I have already, so I'm really looking to see if there are any problems with running it that I am not aware of.

Core i7 920
16 GB Dominator ram(max)

EVGA 3 way SLI Motherboard
Samsung 840 500 GB SSD
Corsair 750W HX PSU

I plan on running two of the reference gtx 970s.  If I get a third, I either have a 1000W HX I would like to use, or if need be, I will spend the $300 and get the Corsair AX1200i.

Does this sound ok?  Am I missing something?  I am trying to save money by using what I have.