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Full Version: [Method?] capture via laptop > crack via desktop VS power laptop
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Hello everyone,

I read somewhere in hak5 forums of someone using a laptop to capture/probe/listen, export it via USB flash drive, and import and process on the desktop for cracking.

My question is:
Instead of export/import via USB flash drive, is there a way to relay the captured data wirelessly (via email maybe?) and remotely control the desktop for on-the-fly cracking?


I know Epixoip bought a Clevo laptop w/ a GTX 970m, which is half the speed of GTX 980 (and I'm sure Epixoip has a beast desktop as well), but if I went with this route, do you think a GTX 970m is sufficient enough?

I would love to freelance (with written permission of course) to start cracking small businesses. From the experienced, how tough is it to crack small- medium- large- enterprises? And would a mobile gpu suffice? I recently bought a thinkpad T450s w/ i5 5200 w/ Intel 5500 integrated gpu, and I'm thinking about returning it (unless I build a desktop w/ dedicated gpu) for a better spec laptop. Being that oclhashcat is superior vs hashcat, there is no point in getting an i7 I think, as oclhashcat ran in a inferior dedicated gpu would still be better than cracking via cpu.

If the veterans can share your wisdom, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
You don't even know about computer basics. Get a job in a different area maybe?
Password cracking businesses are the new lemonade stands.

Wonder if OP has heard of scp and sftp.