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Full Version: b64(b64(md5($pass))) supperted by hashcat
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I would like to know b64(b64(md5($pass))) supported by hashcat?
e.g: OVlBblpFcEp2azVxU2w2aGtRUGVRdz09 - it is not a real hash, changed some character according to hashcat rules.

Thanks is advance.
Short answer: no. Long answer: You can see all supported modes in the hashcat help output, or here https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=example_hashes
With that algorithm you can simply reverse the b64 and then crack the md5
Thank you. I converted into this format by online base64 decoder. How can I convert to the supported format? Hashcat did not accept this (4G5qc2WQzGES6QkWAUgl5w==) format.

converting from:

into this format:
I got support from another forum.
I would like to thank @atom and @darkseid4nk for the tip.

On-line solution:
On-line converter: https://cryptii.com/base64/md5