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Full Version: Recover blockchain.info password from .joson file ?
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I have wallet.aes.json file from blockchain.info from which I cant remember password so could I ise hashcat to recover it ?
So I found this help post and I have my hash which start like this


So how can I use hashcat now ? For example my password have 5 words start with special char and ends with number ?
So the correct Hash-Mode is 12700, but how to start it, which command is correct ?
When I start example0 I got an error
hashcat (v4.0.1) starting...


Im not using cudahashcat just hashcat ? whats wrong ?
1. The hashes must be formatted according to these guide/examples: https://hashcat.net/wiki/example_hashes (search for 12700). Therefore there should not be any file names within the "hash" etc (yes, I know that the jtr python script outputs the file name too... just remove it and also the separator - the colon between file name and actual hash -)
2. you need to install the drivers for your hardware (GPU or CPU). Which OpenCL-compatible devices do you have? Did you install the recommended drivers (see https://hashcat.net/hashcat) from the vendors download page (e.g. Nvidia/AMD/Intel etc)?
I'v got 1 sorted my file starts
I have installed ocl-icd-libopencl1, ocl-icd-dev, ocl-icd-opencl-dev, Im on Intel Core2Duo not sure what else i need ?
Tnx @philsmd for helping out Smile
You are trying to crack with your CPU ? does it support OpenCL ?
I remember reading somewhere that Intel Core 2 are not even supported by the OpenCL drivers of intel.
Even if they were supported, it won't be very fast. It would be better to have some modern GPU (1080ti etc) or at least some modern OpenCL-compatible Intel i7 CPU etc
Probably my cpu isnt supported. Do you now at which version is this introduced ? Basicly I know my password just need few iterations of it
Iv found older version but im getting an error
ERROR: this copy of hashcat is outdated. Get a more recent version.
This is ridiculous
It doesn't make sense to get hashcat-legacy working. hashcat-legacy doesn't even support blockchain hashes. Only new versions of hashcat (OpenCL version, not the legacy version) support blockchain hashes. It doesn't make sense to complain about this.
It would make much more sense to try with a more modern CPU/GPU.
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