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Full Version: Problem with ATI 5970
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I have ATI HD5970 card with drivers 10.6, opencl 2, oclhashcat 0.21 and crossfire off, but only one core run.

flappy@flappy-desktop:~/pyrit$ sudo aticonfig --adapter=0 --crossfire=off
CrossFire chain(s) disabled

Speed.GPU1: 1467.1M/s (running)
Speed.GPU2: 0/s (finished)
Speed.GPU*: 1467.1M/s

I check google for solution, but I have not found a solution.

An idea ?
Cant say much, but it's definitely an issue with drivers.
this is a driver issue. on current catalyst v10.6 it affects both linux and windows and both cal and opencl. there are several reports on ati's developer forum. ATI knows about the driver problem and tries to fix them.

the aticonfig command does not change anything to the system at all. from what i have seen on my 5970 it just remains in crossfirex mode even if it says it is disabled.

if you do not use -d 1 the behavior of the program is unpredictable. some users report 2nd gpu stays at 0M/s like yours. others say it works "as normal" but it does not crack passwords. on mine (HIS) it produces garbage output.

as long as ATI does not fix the drivers you must use -d 1