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Full Version: Salted Peoplesoft hash
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Hello Community,

I have gathered some Peoplesoft hashes along with their respective salts but I am having trouble cracking them as there is no defined method for cracking these kinds of hashes. I have an account with a known password that I would like to use to test against the hash to make sure I really do have PeopleSoft hashes but I also can't seem to find a way to construct the hash to validate it against mine. Does anyone have experience with Salted PeopleSoft hashes that could shed some light on this matter? This thread https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-6639.ht...peoplesoft seems to suggest you could strip the salt out somehow if you knew the password.
Are you able to share a few sample PeopleSoft hashes with known passwords? These should be sample / test hashes and not real ones.

Doing so can help me in figuring out how to crack such hashes.
Sadly no, I hope within the next few weeks to post an example hash here once they delete the account and I get approval so I can help this work along.