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Full Version: adding additional GPU to Brutalis | Hashstack
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Hello forum

My idea is to buy a 4 way Brutalis and update it with additional GPU's for the case it's required.

Would I need to buy a new Haststack-license from Sagitta (is Hashstack licensed per GPU's or per machine) ?

Thank's a lot!

afaik you get an unrestricted usage license as long as you're a Sagitta HPC customer. But it's certainly something you should ask their sales department about directly.
Terahash (formerly known as Sagitta HPC) does not sell partially-configured appliances. If you are looking for an entry level cracking appliance, Terahash has the 5-GPU Syrenis https://terahash.com/#appliances

Hashstack is licensed per appliance, not per device.