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Full Version: No hashes loaded.
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When I try to find a password for the dictionary for the SHA256 hash (AuthMe) - 20711, I get an error "No hashes loaded." With MD5 it works fine.
SHA256 (AuthMe): $SHA$02341f57d90061fb$b8bf552f3d5d2cb777c2e7af6d955863df61b423d80e7be8b4831d08b0e6ca30
Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/0502WwD.png
1. respect the forum rules, do NOT post hashes
2. mention the password (123456789) if you were asked to post a masked hash by the moderator/admin
3. problem is this: https://github.com/hashcat/hashcat/blob/...0711.c#L85 it should be HEX encoded I guess (not a digit)
Thanks, but I don’t quite understand what to do with the code.
(11-03-2019, 01:28 PM)TheAlexBY Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks, but I don’t quite understand what to do with the code.
 The issue has been resolved. The topic is closed.
yeah also try to not double post across the two platforms (forum vs github): https://github.com/hashcat/hashcat/issues/2211

it's so confusing, where should we answer? what should we do? we would need to close at least one of the posts/issues. Why do you do this in the first place ? don't get me wrong, I'm very happy that we fixed this problem and that you reported it. but why seek the attention in 2 platforms by copy-pasting the text (again there is even a hash which is against the forum rules) ?

I will close the forum thread now since it is solved. thanks