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Welcome to hashcat v6.1.0!

Download binaries and source code from: https://hashcat.net/hashcat/

This release is mostly about expanding support for new algorithms and fixing bugs:
  • Added hash-mode: Apple Keychain
  • Added hash-mode: XMPP SCRAM

Changelog fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed integer overflow for large masks in -a 6 attack mode
  • Fixed alias detection with additional processor core count check
  • Fixed maximum password length in modules of hash-modes 600, 7800, 7801 and 9900
  • Fixed non-zero status code when using --stdout
  • Fixed uninitialized value in bitsliced DES kernel (BF mode only) leading to false negatives

Changelog Improvements:

  • Compile ZLIB: Fixed makefile include paths in case USE_SYSTEM_ZLIB is used
  • Compile macOS: Fixed makefile target 'clean' to correctly remove *.dSYM folders
  • OpenCL Kernels: Added datatypes to literals of enum costants
  • OpenCL Kernels: Added pure kernels for hash-mode 600 (BLAKE2b-512)
  • OpenCL Runtime: Reinterpret return code CL_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND from clGetDeviceIDs() as non-fatal
  • OpenCL Runtime: Add some unstable warnings for some SHA512 based algorithms on AMD GPU on macOS

Changelog Technical:

  • Backend: Changed the maximum number of compute devices from 64 to 128
  • Tests: Improved tests for hash-mode 11300 (Bitcoin/Litecoin wallet.dat)
  • Tests: Improved tests for hash-mode 13200 (AxCrypt)
  • Tests: Improved tests for hash-mode 13600 (WinZip)
  • Tests: Improved tests for hash-mode 16400 (CRAM-MD5 Dovecot)
  • Tests: Improved tests for hash-mode 16800 (WPA-PMKID-PBKDF2)

- atom
Thanks for the update.
Thanks for this update. Good work.
Thanks Smile
Many thanks atom & team
Thanks for this update.
What does it mean by improved tests? Does it mean increased speed? If so is there any benchmarks from before and after for bitcoin wallet.dat?
kkost: the unit tests of hashcat is a perl + shell script framework that tests if the hash types work correctly (even salt and pass of mininum and maximum length etc). It generates random hashes and verifies that they are cracking correctly and wihtout any false positives or false negatives. The cracking speed in this particular case didn't change (that's also why it's listed in "technical", it's something not really affecting the users directly, not easily noticable by the user, but still very important)
I have updated to hashcat 6.1.1 because of a small bug in hashcat.log and, more important, because of a too new GLIBC requirement in the binary package.
The new glibc requirement was affecting the following modes, making them unavailable in 6.1.0:


   3910 | md5(md5($pass).md5($salt))                       | Raw Hash, Salted and/or Iterated
  21200 | md5(sha1($salt).md5($pass))                      | Raw Hash, Salted and/or Iterated
  19300 | sha1($salt1.$pass.$salt2)                        | Raw Hash, Salted and/or Iterated
  19500 | Ruby on Rails Restful-Authentication             | Raw Hash, Salted and/or Iterated
  11400 | SIP digest authentication (MD5)                  | Network Protocols
   2500 | WPA-EAPOL-PBKDF2                                 | Network Protocols
   2501 | WPA-EAPOL-PMK                                    | Network Protocols
  22000 | WPA-PBKDF2-PMKID+EAPOL                           | Network Protocols
  22001 | WPA-PMK-PMKID+EAPOL                              | Network Protocols
  16800 | WPA-PMKID-PBKDF2                                 | Network Protocols
  16801 | WPA-PMKID-PMK                                    | Network Protocols
  16500 | JWT (JSON Web Token)                             | Network Protocols
   5500 | NetNTLMv1 / NetNTLMv1+ESS                        | Network Protocols
   5600 | NetNTLMv2                                        | Network Protocols
    501 | Juniper IVE                                      | Operating System
  12600 | ColdFusion 10+                                   | FTP, HTTP, SMTP, LDAP Server
  13500 | PeopleSoft PS_TOKEN                              | Enterprise Application Software (EAS)
  10500 | PDF 1.4 - 1.6 (Acrobat 5 - 8)                    | Documents
  11600 | 7-Zip                                            | Archives
   2811 | MyBB 1.2+, IPB2+ (Invision Power Board)          | Forums, CMS, E-Commerce
  99999 | Plaintext                                        | Plaintext
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