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Hashes for testing - CaptnCrypto941 - 06-19-2021


Is there a resource to obtain hashes for testing/practice running through hashcat?  Thanks.

RE: Hashes for testing - royce - 06-19-2021

You have a few options:

* You can grab example hashes from the wiki: https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=example_hashes

* You can use example hashes from hashcat --example-hashes (and you can specific which hash type with -m)

* The test.pl file that comes with the hashcat release can generate arbitrary hashes based on an input list. Depending on the hash type, you may have to install some Perl dependencies.

RE: Hashes for testing - CaptnCrypto941 - 06-19-2021


RE: Hashes for testing - Xanadrel - 06-19-2021

If it's for practice you could have a go at previous CMIYC contests too: https://contest.korelogic.com/