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GTX 670 Issues - pandaologist - 07-05-2012


I am having trouble using my GTX 670 with hashcat. Cuda works fine for other applications. I am running version 302.17 of the Nvidia drivers on Arch Linux x64. The same issue occurs with both oclHashcat-lite and oclHashcat-plus.

Here is the output on the terminal when running cudaExample.sh:

cudaHashcat-lite v0.10 by atom starting...

Password lengths range: 1 - 55
Watchdog: Temperature abort trigger set to 90c
Watchdog: Temperature retain trigger set to 80c
ERROR: cuDeviceGetAttribute() 500

Any ideas?

RE: GTX 670 Issues - atom - 07-05-2012

Please try again with stable drivers and oclHashcat-lite

RE: GTX 670 Issues - pandaologist - 07-05-2012

Ok, I will try downgrading the driver. But the Nvidia website seems to suggest that this is a stable driver.

It seems it is the latest in the short lived branch rather than the long lived branch.

RE: GTX 670 Issues - pandaologist - 07-06-2012

It would seem downgrading has solved this issue. Thanks for your help.