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What do you think? - kickerbat - 08-23-2012

Hey guys/girls.

Thought this would be a good idea;

Basically a website that I'm going to code, where you can import/add word lists and it will save in a database a compile a .txt for anyone to download upon request?

(Obviously not going to have same word twice) and (joys of hosting companies that offer un-metered bandwidth and space Smile )

RE: What do you think? - Xanadrel - 08-24-2012

The idea is great, but there is a risk for the wordlist to be filled with crap if anyone can add words.

RE: What do you think? - Mem5 - 08-25-2012

It already exists : Pastebin Wink

RE: What do you think? - kickerbat - 08-27-2012

Pastebin is not a big word list available for download.

RE: What do you think? - Hash-IT - 08-27-2012

Hi kickerbat Smile

I would really like to see this work ! I have been hoping for a project like this to start up for a long time.

Can I suggest that you clean these lists, I can help with this. Also I can help you gather some dictionary's to start with. I would also like to suggest that all words are automatically lower cased and duplicates removed. This will dramatically reduce the file sizes and crackers can use the rules features of Hashcat to manipulate capitol letters whilst cracking. I also have ideas about other optimisations for the lists.

I am a little busy with real world work at the moment which is why I haven't been on this forum for a while, I will still be busy probably for the next 2 weeks or so but when I get some spare time I will be able to help you a little more.

I also know a couple of people who may help you with coding and lists gathering.

Looking forward to seeing this up and running !