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V56 is up - atom - 08-29-2012

hey beta-testers,

v56 fixed a very evil bug that lead to total unpredictable other bugs. please do all your testing again Smile


RE: V56 is up - blandyuk - 08-30-2012

Tnx atom Smile in Barcelona atm but will be back in UK Friday so will do testing then.

RE: V56 is up - M@LIK - 08-30-2012

Since after plus-0.09b45 up to plus-0.09b57, when I try:
hc64p -a3 --bf-min=8 --markov-disable --force 00000000000000000000000000000000 ?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a
I get:
[s]tatus [p]ause [r]esume [b]ypass [q]uit => ERROR: cuMemcpyDtoD() 1

RE: V56 is up - atom - 08-30-2012

Try with b58 pls, just uploaded

RE: V56 is up - atom - 08-30-2012

b58 also fixed this for both amd and nvidia, pls verify:

Quote:- For -m 2711 vBulletin > v3.8.5, Nothing works
- For -m 2811 vBulletin > v3.8.5, Nothing works

RE: V56 is up - M@LIK - 08-30-2012

Just tried -m2(6|7)11 on all lengths, all attack-modes. Result: All Works!
Also "cuMemcpyDtoD() 1" is gone! Thanks atom!
Windows7 64-bit, nVidia, 304,79 beta, plus-0.09b58.

Testing is way much easier than I thought. Going to hit other hash-types!

RE: V56 is up - mastercracker - 08-30-2012

System: Windows 7 64 bit, catalyst 12.8 HD5750, oclhashcat-plus beta 56

I did my usual test on all algos and all modes. I won't specify what is working since now it's almost everything. Also, all the crashes are fixed!

For -m 1710 sha512($pass.$salt), bruteforce of length 4 does not work. Everything else works.
For -m 2711 and -m 2811, the usual bug. Dictionary attack works but all other mode fails.

That's it. I will try to reproduce the -m 1710 bug again and report if I find something useful.

For the AMD side, v 0.09 is almost ready to go! I can't wait to test the Nvidia now (probably this evening).

RE: V56 is up - M@LIK - 08-31-2012

Finally, all tests are done!
Results: (If no note is given means all is working perfectly!)
-m130: Same problem as -m131, -m132.
-m500: All works EXCEPT it fails to crack any 1-character-long password on all attack modes (Only -a0 and -a3 can get that though).
-m1600: Same problem as -m500.
-m1710: Interestingly, None of -a1, -a6 and -a7 work, on all lengths.
-m2500: SKiPPiNG.
-m3000: Worked well, But this BUG (https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-1216.html) still exists. Funny it's giving me different results this time, but still wrong results!
-m3100: I'm not sure about this algo, when I use -a3, all is being cracked but if len(pass) > 8 : its truncating the passes to 8. Other attacks don't do that, they act just like a regular MD5.
-m131: All good, except -a7 seems to have a problem.
-m132: Exact same problem of -m131. Only 1-character-long password is found when doing -a7, which should never happen with -a7 (it works with a mask!).
-m2811: MyBB1.2+ uses ?l?u?d_len(8) salt, please add an exception.
I'm keeping this one-damn-fine version =D

System: Windows7 64-bit, nVidia, 304,79 beta, plus-0.09b58.
Thanks to atom's perl code and my MasterHasher.php.

RE: V56 is up - atom - 08-31-2012

Thanks for the test results, very very very helpful. Indeed I focuses on amd mostly, but will not try to fix stuff on nvidia, too.

This bugfixing round was really neccessary Smile

RE: V56 is up - atom - 08-31-2012

continue here pls: