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sha1(sha1($pass) confused. - inoo - 12-21-2013


I have a question about 2 hash type distinguishing
It is hard to identify MySQL4.1/MySQL5(htype=300) and sha1(sha1($pass)) (htype=4500)

as reference;

I doubt that just two hashtype is the same(exact) hash except between Uppercased hash(300) and Lowercased hash(4500), as memtioned Example hashes pages

pls , explain me about difference of two hashtype..

RE: sha1(sha1($pass) confused. - atom - 12-21-2013

That's simple, the -m 300 uses the binary digest from the first sha1() as input for the 2nd sha1() while -m 4500 uses the ascii hex representation of the first sha1().

RE: sha1(sha1($pass) confused. - inoo - 12-21-2013

Thanks for your reply.

All of MySQL v4.1/v5 applications use the binary digest sha1( <-- raw sha1($pass)), is right?
overall, I'd like to know that what kind of applications use 4500 hashtype( sha1( <--asciihex rep( sha1($pass)) ?

I appreciate for your great job!!!

RE: sha1(sha1($pass) confused. - atom - 12-22-2013

1) yes
2) don't know