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ASRock H61 Pro BTC - Pyrex - 08-16-2014

Is anyone using the ASRock H61 Pro BTC board?

I am having issues getting R9 290X's to be detected in the PCIE 1X slots.

Any idea on how to resolve this?

RE: ASRock H61 Pro BTC - KT819GM - 08-16-2014

Did you made modification for your riser? you need to solder wire to use 16x card on 1x slot.

RE: ASRock H61 Pro BTC - lordneon - 08-18-2014

I am not using the H61 Pro however I have used a x1 to x16 riser without an issue, are you using a powered one?

This is what I used:

Make sure you run amdconfig --inital and reboot, as I had issues with hashcat not picking my third 290x until I did that.

RE: ASRock H61 Pro BTC - Pyrex - 08-18-2014

I just discovered that one of the risers appears to be bad. I will need to order a replacement. But in the end I had to also change the settings in the BIOS, like use on board GPU and manually setting PCIE slot settings.

I will let you know how it goes once I get a new riser in.

Also, they are powered risers via molex connector and they do not require modifications.