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input file format - u2u4me7 - 01-22-2015

can i use the hash:username or username:hash as an input file format , and if i can what exact option or method should i use?


eg: [hash removed by philsmd]:xxxxxx@gmail.com

RE: input file format - philsmd - 01-22-2015

According to the forum's rules you are not allowed to post hashes!
Read the rules here: https://hashcat.net/forum/announcement-2.html

I give you 1 week to read them. After the week you might be more careful what you post.

Also I hope you become a useful member of this forum.

I will close the thread since the answer was given dozens of times. You can also just use --help to find it, or search forum or wiki.

Hint: use --username, email:hash format